25 percent of deaths from car accidents that occur in the United States are caused by distracted driving. Also, distracted driving accounts for over 3,000 deaths in car accidents every year. It is very unfortunate that people are careless enough to drive distracted. Driving distracted is like the new driving while under the influence. You can be distracted by being on your phone, texting while driving, eating in the car or even having an engaged conversation with someone. Being distracted while driving is the worst thing that you can ever do because you can cause some serious damage. The problem is many people don’t realize how important it is to not drive while distracted. If only people would just take time to realize the detrimental and traumatizing aftermath, they can stop driving while distracted. If you are a victim of someone who has caused you to be involved in a car accident because they were driving while distracted, you need to get compensated.

1 in 4 car accidents happen in the United States because of a driver texting while driving. Statistics show that texting while driving has the effect of having your 6 times more likely to be in a car accident than drunk driving. Being distracted while driving can cause some serious event to happen. You can seriously injure someone and cause them to lose their life or the lifestyle they have once lived. There are people who have been seriously injured to the point to they are not able to work again. Or, there are facing permanent disability to where they must be bound to a wheelchair the rest of their life. They are forced to never be able to walk again. Their overall quality of life has been taken from them all from a distracted driver. The shocking thing is that, distracted driving can completely be prevented, but people neglect this idea and do it anyway.

If you are facing disability or a life altering event due to a distracted driver, then you know that your life has been significantly altered. You need to find legal assistance to be able to repair what you have lost. Sometimes there are people who cause an accident due to distracted driving and are still able to get away with it, paying nothing for your losses. There are insurances that have lawyers who fight until they don’t have to own up to anything. If your life has been significantly altered because of an accident, you need a legal team to fight for your rights and to get your life back. It wasn’t our fault that you had to lose your job or to be bound to a wheelchair the rest of your life. It was due to the negligence of another driver. Start getting your life back by searching online for: Hollywood FL Car Accident Lawyer.

Overall, facing an injury that causes your life to change is never fair. You shouldn’t continue to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. You should be fairly compensated for your losses, especially when it wasn’t your fault.

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