Commercial establishments like restaurants have a huge footfall. If you install a filtered water dispenser in such places, it ensures that patrons coming to that particular restaurant have access to clean and safe drinking water. Investing in a good water purifier that comes with a dispenser is important for restaurants because of the following benefits.

Cost-Effective Solution

In the long run, installing a water dispenser proves to be a very cost-effective option. Initially, you have to allocate a certain budget to it, but once you surpass the “break-even point”, the cost of buying the purifier becomes equal to the amount you would have spent for buying bottled water. This doesn’t take long. After this, every glass of water you pour is pure profit for the restaurant. In case the restaurant opts out of installing a dispenser, they will have to provide bottled water to their guests, which could prove costly in the long run.

Helps during High Activity Times

During the rush hours, serving the customers is a hectic job for the restaurant staff. In such times, having water dispensers cum purifiers help the staff as they wouldn’t need to attend to orders for bottled water. Having dispensers, especially those with two taps, proves to be a great asset to offer customers chilled and normal water. The commercial dispensers often have a capacity of dispensing up to 80 litres of water per hour, which is sufficient to provide water to customers even during peak rush hours.

Boosts Confidence of People

When people see that you care about their health, it boosts their confidence in your establishment. Not all people who come to restaurants order bottled water. If you consider the economical or casual restaurants, there are many people belonging to middle class who visit. They often refrain from ordering bottled water but having a water purifier cum dispenser on the premises makes them feel good about the restaurant.


Installing a water dispenser is also an environment-friendly solution. Drinking tap water directly is impossible as most of it is highly contaminated with one or more types of contaminants. Keeping only bottled water option eventually results in these plastic bottles ending up in landfills, which is harmful to the environment. Having a water dispenser with reusable glassware or keeping a stack of recyclable paper cups helps in saving the environment from the unnecessary burden of discarded plastic.

Provides Mental Peace

The staffs at the restaurant need to drink water while at work and having water purifier cum dispenser ensures that they too have access to clean and safe drinking water. It also gives them a confidence that their well-being is important for the owner of the restaurant. Thus, it provides a complete peace of mind to both the employer and the employees.

Having a water dispenser at a restaurant is a smart and effective move to give your customers a feel of a high-end dining experience. Irrespective of whether you run a family restaurant, a casual restaurant or a fine-dining establishment, water dispensers are always appreciated by the customers.

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