Rugs in the living room can really make the space pop. Not only are they soft and a comfortable addition to your home, but they look great too. With rugs being primarily in the middle of the room, they really have the opportunity to shine and give the room a great look. The most important part of selecting a living room rug is finding the perfect color to add to your already great design.

Choose a Color that Pops

Some living rooms could really use a little color, the boldness of selecting a bright color that adds zest is going to make your living space not only unique but also extremely pleasing to the eye. If you already have a pretty simple and colorless living room you might want to consider adding a bold color rug such as green rugs, blue rugs or even a bright yellow.

Why Go For Green?

Green rugs would be great because you can do a lot with green. You can add blues and tans to make it subtle or you can really go all out and add yellow to it to make for a great, bold and unique design. Yellow is fun because it is so bright and stands out so much. With yellow you will never feel like your space is missing color it will always be bright and fun. Blues and purples are a good choice for someone who likes color but also likes their space to be a little bit darker. You can add whites and tans to brighten it up a bit but the purple and blue will still add a somber yet gorgeous look to your space.

Neutral Colors

Adding a colored area rug to your living room is the best way to make sure you get a unique bold look but sometimes you need to know when to tone it down a bit as well. If you’re adding a bold colored area rug to your living space, you might want to consider using neutral colors such as tans, browns and white to offset the colors. You can’t have a colored rug that pops if there isn’t anything neutral behind it allowing it to stand out. Utilize the neutral colors when buying furniture, curtains and even decorative items if you plan on using a bright colored area rug.

So if you follow these easy guidelines for decorating and choosing a color for your living room, you are sure to get a winning look that surely turns heads! To pick the best living room rug or any type of carpet, visit TrendCarpet. They have the largest variety of carpets online.

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