At the onset, you might think that it is probably easy to cater for a loved one that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer or other forms of diseases that causes memory impairment. It is too soon to conclude at the early stages however as such diseases are progressive in nature and get worse with time. Love for the afflicted loved one might cause you to be blind to the fact that you need professional help to cater for them. Indeed in advanced cases, you might need to put them in one of the reputable memory care facilities in Elk Grove CA. This article explains some of the difficulties you might face when caring for someone afflicted with dementia and the possible ways to effectively deal with them.


A sudden expression of suspicion, accusation and jealousy is usual for those suffering from dementia. Most of the times, these actions are not justified and might get on the nerves of those who are doing their best to cater for the afflicted person. Rather than get enraged, here are some ways you could handle the situation better.

  • Everyone concerned needs to know that the afflicted person doesn’t really mean to fling accusation here and there but is because of dementia.
  • If the case is that of missing money, then only avail him with a little amount that he can easily keep track of.
  • Always reassure the afflicted person that you will always be there for them. This could be by words, by touch and by action.
  • Keep track of all the person’s hiding places for storing objects. When he says he has misplaced something, check for the misplaced item in these places. Most times you’ll find them there.


This is probably a new term for you. Sundowning is how people suffering from dementia tends to get more disoriented, restless, anxious and agitated towards the end of the day. This could sometimes continue through the night and result in sleeplessness both on the part of the loved one and those taking care of him.

Memory Care Facilities in Elk Grove CA are well aware of this and are capable of taking care of it. For you, however, there are several ways to manage this including:

  • Plan the right meals. Food and beverages that might induce alertness should be given earlier on in the day. There should be no heavy meals right before bed.
  • Using bright lighting during the day and blocking out all light at night might help an afflicted person create the clear distinction he needs between day and night.
  • Daytime activities should be all-time engaging. Napping should not be allowed.
  • Just in case, keep the house safe before going to bed. All items considered dangerous should be kept, and areas such as the stairwell and the kitchen should be kept off limits.
  • If everything else fails, go to a doctor for sleeping pills that would induce sleep for the afflicted person but be prepared for any problem that might cause.
  • As the one in charge of caring for the afflicted person, you need quality rest to avoid burn-out. You could seek help from a relative or friend, or employ someone services for the night while you get your deserved rest.

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