When Japanese food is talked about, ‘healthy meal’ is the first thing that comes to mind. Many of the scientists say that it is the traditional Japanese diet because of which, the people of Japan lives a healthy and long life. The rate of obesity is also quite less in Japan when compared to that of the other nations. According to researches and various studies, healthy Japanese food is the main contributor to this. This is one of the reasons why people around the globe have started to consume traditional Japanese cuisines.

It includes plenty of vegetables, pickled and fermented foods, most of which are steamed, boiled or grilled. There are very few dishes that are fried. The Japanese dishes are yummy and also easy to make. But if you are not willing to cook Japanese meals at home, then you can attain the real flavor and healthy aspects by visiting a traditional Japanese restaurant in your city. Order any of the dishes from sushi, sashimi, udon noodles, miso soup, and other such items that not only provide an authentic taste but also contribute to your health. Here we shall be taking a look at a few reasons why the traditional meals are healthy.

  • Vegetables, legumes and various herbs like ginger are the main content of many Japanese cuisines. Moreover, fewer amounts of shio or salt and oil are utilized to cook Japanese food. And therefore the dish becomes a healthy food option consisting of different nutrients while including a minimum amount of fat and calories.
  • Fish is another main ingredient of different Japanese delicacies. And when compared with red meat, fish tends to be a better nutritional food with a lesser amount of calories and a good amount of healthy fats. The essential fatty acid (Omega 3) included in fish are great for improving the heart health and also the functioning of many other systems of the body.
  • Many of the traditional Japanese cuisines are made up of ferment soybean paste that is known as miso. This is a great product that allows your digestive system to function smoothly. Because of this, you will be less affected by different illnesses. Miso soup is one of the best Japanese food items served in many restaurants. Although it is at its best when prepared in a simple manner in a traditional style, sometimes things like tofu bits, scallion and daikon (radish) are also added to this soup to give it a unique and different flavor.
  • Japanese noodles is an important addition to complete a Japanese meal. Tofu shirataki noodles, edamame noodles, soba, udon, and ramen are a few of the most popular types. These contain proteins, fiber, potassium, zinc, and other minerals, as well as vitamins, especially B vitamins. Each of these noodles adds interesting textures and flavors to the Japanese meals. Being gluten free many of them are great substitutes for different kinds of pasta.

These facts show that traditional Japanese cuisines are great for both your health and taste buds. Sushi Express Café is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai offering you great food both for dining and delivery.

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