Over the years, most auto repair shops have been complaining about the neglect of their sector by the tech world. For the business owners in this sector, there was very few auto repair software available for them to work with. Additionally, all of this software solutions only covered a segment of their business. Therefore, they would need to have several auto software combined for things to work almost well. To make matters worse, the different software’s didn’t interact well with each other which made it operation quite tricky.

Here comes the new cool kid

This sad story was synonymous with auto shops across the country; that is until the new cool kid arrived at this block of the auto world, Tekmetric. Tekmetric is an all-in-one auto repair software that eliminates all the problems that most of the previous software had. Moreover, this software goes ahead to make the whole experience better for both the shop owner and customer.

Tekmetric was created by the founders of Motorwerks Auto Group, Prasanth Chilukuri, and Sunil Patel. They stated that their primary motivation for creating this all in one revolutionary software for auto shops was their heart-breaking and challenging experience with what was available on the market at the time. They pointed out that they used several auto software to run their shops and the cost amounted to between $900 and $1200 per month per shop. This was very expensive for them and took away a massive chunk of their profits. Additionally, the software’s were complicated to use and took away a lot of staff hours that would have otherwise be put into productive work.

Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel said that they put their heads together along with their over 20 years’ experience in the auto shop sector to create the industry changing auto software, Tekmetric. They pointed out that their software had many benefits over what was previously available. On top of that, this software introduces new features which they believe will be very beneficial to its users and improve customer experience. These benefits include:

  • An all in one solution with at least 99.99% uptime

Previously, auto shops needed to have several auto software to facilitate their operations, but the new Tekmetric auto repair software changes all that. The software integrates different functionality including shop management, text messaging capabilities, digital vehicle inspections, marketing and reporting tools, and labor guide subscriptions all in it. This seamless integration has made it possible for the software to eliminate the downtimes that previous solutions experienced as a result of weak interaction. With Tekmetric you can be sure that you can really on the auto repair software to be up at least 99.99% uptime.

  • Extensive tech support and training

Among the challenges that auto shops faced with the old available software was, the lack of tech support and training. Using the different software and have them interact well was challenging to most people as there was no tech support or training offered. When the software had difficulties running, the auto shop had to call-in third-party technicians to sort the issue out. With the auto repair software , Tekmetric, this is not the case. The company provides unlimited tech support to all its clients. Additionally, the company takes time to train auto shops on how to best use their software.

  • Increased net revenue year over year

Tekmetric guarantees auto shop owners that this software will help them improve their net income significantly on a year over year basis. This is a result of the auto repair software helping streamline operations the auto shop helping the shop provide better services to its clients. Improving the customer experience means satisfied customers which in turn translates to return customers and therefore increased sells and better revenues.

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