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Problems with door locks are common in most households and place of business. During such an incident, the first and best solution will always be to call an expert locksmith.

However, there are cases where the process of drilling the lock may be involved. Drilling a lock involves breaking the mechanism and having it ready for a replacement.

Since drilling is a destructive method of entry, it is usually a last resort technique after exhausting all possible methods. A locksmith will first have to consider all possible methods along with other affecting factors before resorting to drilling.

Whether you are a locksmith by profession or a potential client learning about locksmithing processes, here are five things that should be done first before drilling a lock.

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  1. Pick The Lock First

Once a locked door won’t open or has no other source of the opening (the keys were lost or left somewhere), picking the lock should be the first option. For locks without any security pins, raking is the first method in order. For locks that do have security pins, rocking the lock, “bitch” picking, or attempting a single pin pick (SPP) is the ideal step.

Other methods of lock picking, along with other locksmithing tools, can also be used in this situation. For instance, an electric or manual pick gun may be feasible as long as it is available for use. However, if none of the lock picking techniques or tools work, there is no point in retrying as it will only waste time.

  1. Consider Lock Bumping

Another great trick to use is the lock bumping method. While many factors need to be taken into consideration such as the locksmith’s skill set, the client’s preference, as well as the type of lock, bumping the lock can also work as a great first method attempt.

  1. Find Other Ways To Get Inside

Before you give up on the lock pick tools and bump key, think about other ways to get inside the house or building. Another door may be unlocked or can be picked or bumped easily than the main entrance. Also,more often than not, doors are not the only means of entry for homes and establishments. Take into consideration the windows and if there is a possibility to get it open from the outside.

However, don’t decide on breaking a window open all of a sudden unless it is an emergency. Similar to drilling a lock, breaking a window is a destructive entry method that can cost you more money while wasting other possible techniques. For instance, in the point of view of an automotive locksmith from Locksmith Sydney, a locked car can use a variety of techniques before ending up with a broken window.

  1. Agree On Drilling The Lock

This step is important because drilling the lock will cost you a replacement service, therefore requiring more funds. But if no other locksmithing technique has worked, then drilling the lock is your safest and best solution at this point.

  1. Prepare A Replacement Lock For Installation

After agreeing to drill the lock, the next step is preparing the replacement and installation service. Unless a suitable replacement is ready for installation, the lock should not be drilled.

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Final Word

Going through all the available and possible methods of opening a locked door is an important process that everyone needs to know. While it usually takes more time, these methods can offer fewer chances of replacement fees and damage costs. Remember to consider all possible solutions first before resorting to drilling a lock.

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