In case your children find it difficult sleeping, restless nights, awaken feeling tired, complain of pains and aches, foggy thinking, generally feel unwell or constantly ill then the reply to these ailments could very well be located lurking somewhere inside your boy or kids bed room.

After teaching and talking to for over a decade in Holistic Feng Shui it soon grew to become apparent in my experience that lots of children were over sleeping an atmosphere that more than stimulated their brains and stressed their immune and nervous systems.

In case your children’s physiques are not able to relax, repair and refresh themselves although sleeping then their all around health and wellness is greatly compromised. The  psychology questions and answers  by tutors would have adequate experience in the teaching arena.

What’s on the other hand of the children’s bed mind wall?

Possibly probably the most disturbing observation for me personally within my consultation and teaching years were children who have been identified as having serious illnesses. In a lot of cases to become a coincidence a number of these youthful children have been sleeping for a long time from the wall which on the other hand located the ability box for the whole home.

Two decades of research:

There are lots of situation studies documenting in the last 2 decades strong links between children’s illness, fatigue signs and symptoms and foggy thinking because of over exposure of high amounts of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) an abnormal field that is released all things electrical.

Can there be 100% proof no! Can there be strong evidence to point out the substitute manufactured electrical currents released from electrical situations are harmful to the health insurance and wellness particularly youthful children. Absolutely!

I’ll now reveal to you my first hands experience with the nine most typical reasons your son or daughter might not be sleeping, wakes feeling tired or complaining of pains and aches:

1. A bed room isn’t a multi purposed room:

Your son or daughter’s bed room is really a place where they are able to securely avoid the bombardment of knowledge and exterior stimuli being constantly tossed their way. It’s a place where they are able to withdraw in the outdoors world relax, release and relax. It’s their private sanctuary and perhaps the only real place where they are able to rest, repair and refresh themselves, mind and soul. In my opinion it is essential to get obvious using the exact purpose you’ve for children’s bedrooms. The chief purpose I’ve in my children’s bedrooms are suitable for sleep and quiet and peaceful activities. It’s not a workout room, storage room, computer room or perhaps work or study room.

2. Never sleep against a wall that is billed with electrical currents:

You need to notice what’s on the other hand from the wall by which your son or daughter’s mind is sleeping against. I’d strongly advise moving your bed if their mind is against a wall which on the other hand has anything electrical e.g clothing dryer, ac or heat tank, TV, power box etc.

3. Fluorescent or halogen lighting emit the greatest radiation currents:

I have tried personally for several years a musical instrument known as a cell sensor which reads the quantity of radio waves (EMR) originating from anything electrical. From my own experience fluorescent lighting emits a powerful field of high radiation.

Personally, i will not have any lengthy fluorescent lighting tubes near where the kids sleep, play or study. I understand of numerous individuals who get headaches when they sit anywhere near fluorescent lighting yet others who frequently just feel an over-all tightness round the mind area. Fluorescent lighting also includes mercury that is a dangerous and highly toxic heavy metal and rock. Damaged fluorescent bulbs are particularly hazardous to the atmosphere. So despite the fact that fluorescent lighting might be energy-efficient it certainly has some health problems using the mercury and amounts of radio waves.

4. Overdose of electrical appliances within arms achieve of mind:

Close exposure for lengthy amounts of time can greatly hinder our health. Remove everything electrical around your son or daughter’s mind using their bed side table and whatever cords you’ve sinking their bed. Including electric clocks, phone chargers, ipod device loudspeakers, CD player. The kids have very little electrical beside their bed. When they require a light then provide them with a torch. When they require a clock make use of a battery powered one. There’s even the constant mental stimulation mounted on many bed side electrical appliances which could greatly modify the mental activity of the sensitive child throughout the night.

5. Electrical overload within the bed room:

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