Every medical facility produces a large amount of waste that must be properly disposed of. It cannot just be taken out by staff at the facility and put into the regular trash dumpster. Medical waste is considered biohazardous and so has to be disposed of in a completely different way. We provide the best medical waste disposal services Midland Texas has to offer, so look no further when your medical facility must find a reliable partner to remove and dispose of its medical waste.

Our technicians are meticulously trained to follow the specific regulations for removing and disposing of medical waste in not just Midland but other areas in West Texas as well. We follow these guidelines very carefully because we know that the work that we do can prevent infection by someone who accidentally comes in contact with the waste.

We provide more than just regular removal of medical waste. We offer 24-hour emergency response if your facility needs a special removal and disposal service. When there is not an emergency, we offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly transportation and disposal of medical waste from your facility. We are on time and dependable.

Some of the types of facilities we service include hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes, and other medical facilities that create biohazardous waste.

We use clearly marked containers to designate where the medical waste should be disposed. The containers make it clear which containers should have just biohazardous materials in them. We are careful to dispose of all biohazardous material that could carry blood borne pathogens. Our work is not only to properly dispose of all medical waste; it is to help minimize the risk of infection in anyone who comes into contact with it.

Our technicians are in how to handle medical waste, and our professionals teach paramedics and other emergency first responders how to deal with medical waste in their daily work. This helps limit the possibility that they will become infected with a blood borne pathogen in the medical waste that they come into contact with in their daily work.

No matter what type of medical facility you operate, you can trust our professionals to be your reliable source for medical waste disposal. Give us a call to learn more about why we offer the best medical waste disposal services Midland Texas can provide.

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