As you’re looking for the right flooring option for your home, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices in materials that are available. One way to help you decide on which type of material to put down in your home is to consider the amount of traffic that a particular area may have. If it is a lot, you may consider the laminate hardwood flooring Boulder CO has to offer.

Laminate flooring melds a photographic hardwood design with resin and finishes that protect to create a flooring material that gives you the look of hardwood but without the maintenance and upkeep required for hardwood floors. Laminate floors are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy traffic.

Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. They need to be cleaned, screened, and finished with a coat every couple of years, and they should be sanded and refinished about every five to ten years. Couple this upkeep with the potential for creaky boards, broken boards, and the lack of durability that hardwood floors are known for, and it can be a better option for many people to consider laminate.

Let’s talk about price. That is one of the best features of laminate flooring. It costs a fraction of what hardwood floors do because it’s less expensive to manufacture. Hardwood floors can be prohibitively expensive and come with extra costs in the form of maintenance, repair, and general upkeep.

Laminate flooring is perfect for homes with small children who spill liquids and drop objects. It’s great for homes with children – or adults – who drag or roll items across the floor. In all of these types of scenarios, laminate flooring comes out on top because it can withstand many types of damage that hardwoods cannot and still look great.

Businesses also benefit from the high-end look of laminate floors in their showrooms, offices, and lobbies. The best part of laminate for businesses is that it’s low-cost. While hundreds of customers may walk in with dirty shoes to the store, they aren’t scuffing it or otherwise damaging the floor.

Consider all the laminate hardwood flooring Boulder CO has to offer, and give us a call or send a message when you’re ready to learn how our laminate options can make a statement with the natural beauty of wood.

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