Getting the two wheeler insurance is the best way to ensure financial protection of your two-wheeler against any kind of damage that may happen during any kind of road accident or a natural calamity. The vehicle insurance such as the ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance helps protect the owner of the two wheeler from any type of unexpected liability and loses. Choosing the right two wheeler insurance is important as there are many factors that the customer needs to consider before moving ahead. Having a two wheeler insurance is mandatory by law as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and it also helps the owner of the two-wheeler to prevent financial losses.

A good two wheeler insurance policy is the one that covers the loss or damage occurred to the vehicle due to a natural calamity such as the earthquake or floods. The comprehensive policy also covers the damages in case the two wheeler gets stolen. The insurance policy should also provide protection against any kind of legal issues involving the third party. There are many informative online websites such as that helps the customers compare two or more different two wheeler policies online. For instance- If the customer is looking to get the two wheeler insurance that offers a low premium rate, they can enter the name of the company along with the name of the insurance policy. As soon as they enter their basic details as well as the details of their vehicle such as its make, model, and year of manufacturing, they will get many policy options which they can compare.

The online insurance aggregator websites help the customer in comparing the pros and cons of each and every policy, by keeping in mind various factors such as their budget, income, and premium. The customers can easily access such online portals free of cost. The websites also offer the feature of live chat with the help of which the customers can directly communicate with the live chat insurance advisors. The role of the advisors is to understand the needs and requirements of the customer and provide an appropriate solution. This way the customers can easily learn about how to analyze the insurance policy such as the ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance. Getting the quote delivered to their inbox instantly is a quick and faster way to choose the right insurance policy. The various add-on covers and additional benefits such as the zero depreciation cover and personal accident cover help the customer make a well-informed decision in less time. There are many insurance companies that also offer a long-term two wheeler insurance policy.

Policies such as the ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance also offers cashless repairs at their network garage. It means the policyholder can get their two wheeler repaired conveniently. In case, the policyholder wants to file a claim, they can easily do it by going on the online website of the company. The informative articles, blogs, and FAQs available online helps the customer to gain information about such a process. Another added advantage of buying the two wheeler car insurance is the nil depreciation cover. It is an add-on offered by the insurance companies from which the customer can get the parts of their vehicle repaired free of cost. In case, the policyholder suffers from a road accident anywhere, they can simply file for an online claim. This add-on comes under the accidental death and permanent total disablement.

The online platform is the best medium to calculate the policy premium by entering the basic details. The customers can also renew their two wheeler car insurance online. By going through the terms and conditions available on the online website, the customer can learn more about the insurance policy in detail. The customer can also avail the discount offered by various insurance companies online.

​The two wheeler insurance coverage consists of two parts-Third party liability and Comprehensive. While the third party liability covers only the third party liability, it offers a low premium rate. The comprehensive plan covers the full damage caused to the vehicle. The premium rate in this plan is comparatively higher than the third party liability cover.

​​Buying the two wheeler insurance online is beneficial for the customers as they can compare the premium and features easily. They can set their budget accordingly to the premium rate calculated. They can also pay for the policy premium online through secure payment options like net-banking, bank cards etc.

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