Crowdfunding campaigns fully succeed only when they are shared on social media. Platforms like Twitter give the campaign to reach out to the millions and blossom to its true potential. But to reach out to the millions, you need roughly half a million followers who would be loyal to you, so that when you ask them to support and share your campaign, they will. Then how to use Twitter for your crowdfunding campaign? The answer is Twitter influencers.

Crowdfunding India says that a good word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement strategy of all times. One positive word from the person you hold high opinions about- your idea is already on its way to influence the masses. Twitter influencers are such people, who are famous personalities on Twitter and have the power to influence the choice of millions of their followers. They are trustworthy people who know what to do very well and they won’t con you or let you down putting their own reputation at stake because their reputation is their capital. They are going to use their clout to promote your campaign, so that it receives more attention than it normally would, with your personal Twitter account with a fifty followers and no significant activity to garner people’s attention.

Crowdfunding India says that one tweet from a user with enough Twitter presence and your project gets the limelight. If you are wondering where to find these Influencers, then Crowdfunding India says that just do a Google search. Google keeps lists of Twitter influencers in specific fields. There are advanced search options on Twitter too, where you can find influencers with the same interests as your campaign. Or you can simply start following any hugely followed Twitter page.

Now you might have to become a bit of a stalker now, collect all the names and build a database. Crowdfunding India also suggests that you stalk their other social media profiles as well and find out who they follow in turn.

Crowdfunding India says that a good influencer must have authenticity, must be a professional and expert in this field,
and he has authentic and valuable opinions and information to contribute.

Twitter influencers can be deemed as influencers if they have followers beyond ten thousand and a verified account is gold. Anything upwards of a thousand is also alright. Crowdfunding India asks you to check if their followers/following list, so that you can add them to your database and make sure that the word reaches the better people.

Crowdfunding India points out that just a huge follower count is not going to fulfill the criteria, you have to know the influencer’s rate of engagement (shares, retweets, conversations) which will make the difference. Great following is not very beneficial helpful if the content they are sharing doesn’t spark conversations or discussion or any reaction. The relevancy of content and the rate of engagement will determine who is an influencer and who is not.

They only way to get any influencer to talk about your project is to get them to care about your project. Authenticity is the only way here. Talk about your project and focus on how different it is, its originality, what is its mission, what difference it will create, and what challenges you are facing. Let them know how much you need their support right now. Create a positive image of yourself on their minds. Crowdfunding India says that you should try to build a relationship, consider collaborations, try to make a lasting bond with long term goals, other than the campaign. Engage with them regularly. Share and comment on their content. Turn your previously mundane tweets into fun and nice ones. You must always give them good feedback, and try to initiate a conversation.

Crowdfunding India suggests that you should let them know what’s up with your project, give them all the little insights and make them feel a bit exclusive. More exclusivity will keep the backers happy. Crowdfunding India also advises you to host online activities with them; like showing them first cuts of your project, invite them to your fundraising-related events and etc. Show gratitude and acknowledge their contribution. A simple heartfelt thank you will go a long way in helping you build your influencer network. If you want you can arrange for rewards or perks for your influencers and maintain this relationship for a long time.

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