If there is one thing you need to regularly check with your automobile it is the brake pads. It is extremely dangerous to traverse the highways with worn out brake pads. Among used parts of Mercedes Benz, brake pads are some of the most searched for because it costs an arm and a leg to purchase a new one. But how do you know if you need to replace yours right away? When is a warning signal simply a false alarm?

By the looks of it

Ideally, there should be about one-fourth inch of brake pads showing through a metal rotor in between the spokes of your wheels. If you see any less than that, it’s a clear sign that your brake pads are worn out. If you own a Benz, some used parts for Mercedes Benz cars may include decent brake pads, but make sure these are compatible with your car’s make and model before attempting any replacements.

By the sound of it

A no-brainer is also when you hear an unusual screeching sound when you step on the brakes. This screeching sound is actually metal pressing against metal. Even if it is just a hint of a screech, especially during dry weather, it is a must for you to have your brakes inspected. This can prevent any untoward accidents from happening especially if you are driving through big highways.

An exception to this is when your vehicle was in standing water (if you had to drive through a flood). It also happens when your vehicle has just been newly washed. If this is the case, the sound usually disappears as the rust wears off of the metal plate. In any case, it is safer to have your brakes inspected.

When it tends to pull to one side

If you step on the brakes and your vehicle tends to pull to one direction, it’s an indication that your brake pads are unevenly wearing out. It can also be a sign that there is some impurity in your brake fluids. The only way to find out is to closely inspect your brake pads and your brake fluids. Two solutions are possible for this problem. You should either replace your brake pads if it is wearing out unevenly or drain and replace your brake fluids to get rid of the impurity.

Vibration, grinding or growling

These three are the three dark horsemen of your brake system. Most likely, if you experience vibration, grinding or growling while you are stepping on the brakes, more than your brake pads need replacement. This might mean that your rotors are also affected. You may need to have your rotors aligned or replaced–a process more costly than a simple brake pad replacement. In any case, you might want to look into surplus or used parts of Mercedes Benz before plunging head-on into a brand new rotor purchase.

Take care of your brakes

Regular maintenance of your brake pads ensures not just your safety but the lifespan of your rotors as well. Also carefully assess your driving. Are you developing any nasty habits which could be wearing out your brakes? For example, I have a friend who tends to step on the brakes and the gas at the same time–an odd anxiety reflex. These little things could be damaging your car parts.

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