Finding an expert who specializes in diminished value appraisal Medford Oregon is easy. With a little search on the internet, you will come across many options. But prior to choosing one, you should call the company and ask to speak with their representative.

If you are unable to speak to their representative then how will you express your dissatisfaction, if any, about their product and/or service? So when you are on the phone with any of the company’s representative, what questions do you ask? Here is a list of industry-related questions to ask.

  1. Do they use a formula?

Diminished value appraisal Medford Oregon cannot be calculated using a specific formula. This is because the automobile market is variables hence it is impossible to incorporate all the variables into a specific formula. Avoid the traditional fill in the blank formula report. Rather request for a custom-made formula.

  1. Do they have staffs with adjusting experience?

Prior to going for diminished value appraisal Medford Oregon, check to see if the appraiser is familiar with tort law and adjusting procedures. The industry has many insider rules and regulations that only a smart professional with adjusting experience can handle. Furthermore, the diminished value appraisal must be presented according to standard.

  1. How do they get data for their reports?

Diminished value appraisal Medford Oregon is accompanied by data for their reports. Relying on the opinion of the salesman is way out of it. No salesman knows it all. Given the diversity in the current automobile market, it is impossible for a salesman to be an expert on every car make and model. The best way is to do a thorough market research.

  1. How do they arrive at the diminished value?

Are they comfortable answering your questions or do they answer your questions ambiguously? A professional appraisal will provide candid, straight to the point answers to your questions. They should be willing to tell you exactly how they got the diminished value.

  1. Can they provide an appraisal without due inspection?

If they answer yes to this question, then you’re about dealing with a quack, unqualified appraiser. There is no way a company can write an appraisal without reviewing the pictures or inspecting the vehicle physically. Avoid such companies.

Remember to always ask questions. This will go a long way in providing the much-needed answers to your questions. And more importantly, hire an experienced diminished value appraisal Medford Oregon.

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