Heart disease is very common in most populations all over the world. More common in men, heart diseases can be the result of age, unhealthy lifestyles or genetic predispositions. There are various ways to dealing with heart disease. If the damage is not much and manageable, your doctor might prescribe medications and a healthier lifestyle. If the damage is more than that however, you might need an operation. Your surgery will depend on what your medical condition is. Your medical condition will be ascertained by your doctor.

Heart surgery can be very expensive. Heart disease is common and various heart disease packages are available in private hospitals. However, these private hospitals can be afforded by a select few. For the mass majority of the population, the only other alternative is the government hospital, which becomes overpopulated.

In a private hospital, an open-heart surgery costs 1.5 to 2 lakhs. To add to this, there are other expenses like medicines, follow ups and the cost of the lifestyle you have to now maintain. It is quite understandable why so many people prefer government hospitals. Even in a government hospital, an open-heart surgery might not be too cheap. A lot of costs are reduced in a government hospital but even then many people will find this surgery unaffordable. The only alternative that remains is loans and depletion of savings.

But there is a way out of this situation now-a-days. Online crowdfunding has really picked up in India and one of the areas in which it is doing really well is medical. The socio-economic conditions of most Indians coupled with easy internet access make online crowdfunding in India so popular. Medical fundraising is one of several causes that is gaining momentum in the crowdfunding market in India and this might help you fund your open-heart surgery. Here is how:

  1. Crowdfunding is not exploitative like borrowing. This means that apart from the service fee, you do not have to pay your crowdfunding platform anything. This means no regular payment of loans and no depletion of savings. This makes it a very feasible option for the lower socio-economic classes.
  2. Let us say you are sort of in the middle income range and you need an open-heart surgery. You cannot pay for the entire surgery. But you can pay for a part of it. You do not have to borrow money from anyone for the remaining amount. You can crowdfund this too. Therefore, crowdfunding is not just for one income range. It is for a lot of people.
  3. Medical crowdfunding in India can be done through various crowdfunding platforms. You may know of a few of these. Impact Guru is one such platform who have a lot of experience with medical crowdfunding. If you want to start a fundraiser, this is where you go. It will take you just five minutes.
  4. Remember that there are various people trying to raise funds for medical reasons. Your job is to make your fundraiser stand out. Hence, make your fundraiser as clear as possible. People need to know exactly what you plan to do with their money and where you will do your surgery. All of these conditions need to be met.
  5. Use social media to your benefit. Once you have your fundraiser, you can promote it on social media. This is a place where people from all income sections meet. You can ask these people to contribute to your campaign.
  6. The most likely people to donate to your campaign will be well to do people living with heart conditions. Do not forget to contact a few of these people and ask for donations. They can be upper class and male and hence very likely to have access to funds. You should not leave out this demographic.

Medical crowdfunding India is a flourishing market and if you need an open-heart surgery you should look to it. After all, it is risk free and does not involve any financial investment. Hence, you should try out this process.

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