With every passing day, new techniques and practices are adopted by professors to help students’ study better. Right from using textbooks to showing presentations, every technique has helped students in its own way. Every technique is employed with the same intention – students must remember the key points of the subject.

Psychology experts around the globe as well as many online tutoring websites recommend conducting quizzes and class tests as an educational practice. Let’s see, how these two help students in scoring better grades.

Benefits of quizzes and tests:

  • When quizzes and tests are conducted after studying a particular subject, students tend to retain information better and for longer term.
  • If any student has missed a key information, quizzes and tests clear it.
  • Since students remember information from the previous lecture, they learn faster from the next one.
  • Students get an opportunity to revise the concepts learned and even transfer them to new contexts.
  • If students prepare for test, and the test is somehow delayed, it is observed that they still retain the information even if the test wasn’t conducted.
  •  Tests results helps students in understand what they exactly know and what are points on which they need to work harder.
  • Test and quiz results are like a feedback for professors. They clearly understand how much students are learning and what more efforts are needed from their side to improve the results.
  • Continuous quizzes and tests motivate the students to study better. Also, they are well prepared before their finals.

So, there you go. It is very clear from the points mentioned above that tests and quizzes have great impact on the overall result of any student. It not only an interactive and group activity, but it is also a tool which constantly keeps the students motivates as well as helps the professors in monitoring the progress of every student better.

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