Today, it is quite common for patients suffering from cancer, liver disease, organ failure and any other terminal illness to turn to crowdfunding India platforms to pay for their medical care. While loans need collateral and a promise of payback, the crowdfunding platform welcomes anyone who needs funds to make an appeal to their networks and provide their donors with a donation platform.

Platforms like Impact Guru are also a popular option for “flash fundraising” as well, where with the right kind of social media promotion, campaigners are able to raise lakhs of rupees in a day or even in a few hours. This makes platforms ideal for individuals who have suffered accidents and need immediate treatment as well. In such situations, families are not prepared to afford large healthcare bills and are in dire need of a quick and easy funding solution.

When Abhishek met with an accident on his way back from work, he suffered major injuries to the head and needed brain surgeries worth Rs 10 lakh. That’s when his friend Vishal turned to a crowdfunding India platform to get all of Abhishek’s friends, colleagues and family together to help him pay for his treatment.

After Vishal had decided to raise funds, his first attempt was offline. He would collect donations of Rs 500 to Rs 5000 from friends and family members. They were able to raise almost Rs 1 lakh through their offline fundraising efforts. When more people came forward from different regions asking how they could help, Vishal realized he needed to find an easier way to do this. That was when he shifted his efforts online.

He raised Rs 8.5 lakh in one night through crowdfunding!

Like many driven campaigners before him, Vishal was able to raise a major part of the funds Abhishek would need in a few hours after he created his fundraiser.

Along with a group of friends, he was able to reach out to hundreds of people through social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. They were able to spread the fundraiser to colleagues, school friends, college friends, family members, and more through Whatsapp groups and personal messages and shares on Facebook.

What made the fundraiser an overnight success?

  • Being able to provide an online donation portal to anyone around the world multiplied Abhishek’s fundraising efforts tenfold.
  • The crowdfunding India platform Vishal used was able to let donors make their contributions through a variety of payment methods.
  • The simple share buttons on the fundraiser page encouraged donors to spread the word further and multiply Vishal’s reach.
  • Vishal didn’t go at it alone! He had a team of campaigners all working hard to reach out to people.

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