The scope of using CBD for human beings has moved a step forward and research has revealed that it can also be used for your pets. There are pet owners who have even added CBD to their pet’s diet. But still, there are many pet owners who believe in misconceptions related to medical cannabis that causes an adverse effect and even compel some of them to stop taking it for their pets.

Most of you are already aware of the health benefits of using CBD which has been proved effective to cure pain, inflammation and even cancer-like disease. The same benefits are offered to your pets too. But some pet owners spread myths about CBD even when they are using it for their pet. So, here are some common misconceptions about CBD that you should clear in your mind.

CBD is same as Marijuana: Well, here you need to know that CBD is the extract of Hemp or Marijuana plant. So, it’s totally worthless comparing CBD with the Marijuana. Even the hemp plant and marijuana that belongs to the same group but have different scientific properties. There are two extracts from them i.e. CBD and THC. The CBD is a beneficial substance that is used against different diseases whereas the THC is the substance that has made marijuana plant illegal.

CBD is totally Legal: This is a diplomatic question that has more than one response. Well, there are countries where the use of CBD is totally legal as the research has proved positive signs of CBD over various health problems. But, there are countries where marijuana and hemp plant is still illegal due to its drug addictive nature.

CBD can’t Harm Your Pet: This statement is only true until you are providing the right dosage of CBD medicine to your pet. Once you start offering high dosage to your pet, there will be some negative impact on the body. You can easily visualize the change in behavior with the passage of time.  So, it’s better to keep the right dose of CBD when you are treating your pet.

When the research says that CBD is beneficial for human as well as pets, they also say that consuming CBD is not 100% safe. So, if you are taking it as medicine, it’s important to consider your doctor and discuss well before adding it to your diet. And you need to be more possessive & alert when you are giving it to your pet.

As your pet can’t share their feelings, you should heed their behavioral changes and notice if it’s because of the cannabis consumption. In such a case, you should consult your doctor immediately. So, if you own a pet and are considering cannabis as a medicine, you are recommended to take a proper prescription from the veterinary doctor and follow as suggested. The major point to note is giving a high dosage of cannabis might cause side effects on your pet, so it’s important to take proper consultation from the doctor and give the right dosage.

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