Hurricanes are a homeowner’s nightmare especially in areas that are prone to the devastating disaster. The worst part of a hurricane is the huge damage it leaves in its wake. Your property is usually left in ruin following this hurricane. Often leaving you at the mercy of professionals who specialize in wind damage repair Grandville Michigan. Before the need for wind damage repairs arises, review this checklist.

9 Ways to Make Your Home Survive A Hurricane

To fully utilize these steps, set a reminder to review your checklist when approaching the hurricane-peak season.

  • Document Your Property

Take the picture or videos of your property before and after the hurricane. This for the insurance purpose. It is a first and most vital step of all.

  • Don’t Tape Your Windows/Doors

Damage only happens when the wind gets inside a home through a broken inlet/outlet. Hence, protect areas where wind can creep in by securing them with appropriate shutters. Tape can’t perform this function. The use of plywood is very effective in this situation. All outdoor items not properly secured should be brought inside. Alternatively, else, they can become the projectiles that crash your property. This precaution will reduce your need for expensive wind damage repair.

  • Trim Your Trees

To reduce the debris that will be generated during a hurricane, prune tree branches. Make sure you carry this out before the hurricane approaches. If you properly groom trees, they can serve as protection in the event of hurricane.

  • Do Electrical Check

Always carry out routine electrical or power checks. This is to make certain that all indoor and outdoor power equipment are in good shape. Take faulty ones for repair.

  • Review Your Safety Equipment

Perform a user safety test on all your safety gears before the hurricane, such as sturdy shoes, safety goggles, hard hats, reflective clothing, and work gloves. Keep them in areas where you can easily access them.

  • Keep Extra Fuel

Store some fuel as a backup. Usually, after a hurricane or heavy storm, gas stations are shut

  • Check Shut-Off Valve for Water.

The ability to turn off water during a hurricane emergency is important. It can help you prevent damages due to the hurricane. So, ensure you check for your shut-off valve and confirm its operation before a hurricane. It can prevent potential leaks and damage caused by a storm. Another check of your list of things that will require wind damage repair Grandville Michigan.

  • Clean Gutters and Drains

It is hazardous to have items blocking your drains and gutters from the free flow of water. The risk multiplies exponentially during a hurricane. This is because it can cause your property to be flooded. To prevent this, check your gutters and drains regularly before a hurricane just to make sure. This reduces hurricane damage on your property and the consequent need for wind damage repair.

  • Prevent Power Wastage

Hurricanes can cause leaks in your house. These leaks can, in turn, affect the consumption for your heating and aeration systems. This will consequently result in higher utility bills. However, you can prevent this power wastage by insulating your water heater for instance. This precaution can reduce heat lost by 25 to 40 per cent.

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