Any bodybuilder who is getting ready for competition will like to get an extra boost, so that he can get much better muscles for the show. Many bodybuilders therefore prefer to take GHRP-2 Peptide, so that there is higher level of growth hormone in their body. Therefore, before you consider about this inject able booster, you may read this write up.

Review of GHRP-2 Peptide

The full form of GHRP is growth hormone releasing peptide. It is the latest version of peptide which has replaced its earlier version GHRP-6. This can help in releasing human growth hormone which is stored in your pituitary gland. This can also promote lean muscle growth, increase in energy and fast recovery from injury or workout fatigues. This hormone is still under study by medical researchers and hence FDA is yet to approve it for any medical usages.

Therefore, if you add it during cutting cycle then it can cause lean muscle growth, stronger bones and stimulate your appetite. People who have used it has reported that it can result into clear and healthy skin, increased energy levels, better sleep cycle and very fewer colds. It also improves the immune system and the bones too grow stronger. Another thing is that the metabolism gets increased and therefore one can get more energy to go for more session at gym. This will help in growth of lean muscles too.

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Dosage of GHRP-2

Usually GHRP-2 is supplied in powder form of 5 mg vial. This has to be mixed with sterilized water and stored in a refrigerator for a week. This suspension has to be injected for 2 to 3 times in a day with standard dose of 150 mcg. Dose can however vary from person to person, which you need to find out what is best for you. Make sure that you do take the injection in the same place, so that it is easy to recover. Your results of GHRP-2 will be the best if you stack it with any GHRH like somatoliberin.

How to buy GHRP-2

You cannot expect GHRP-2 will be available in any medical store for sale, as it is still under medical trials and FDA has not yet approved it for medical use. Therefore, buying this drug is really a challenge. There are few distributors that you can locate online. However, this is only sold to a research laboratory. If you buy for personal use then it is illegal.

Either you may obtain prescription from any doctor, which is really very difficult or you can ask your instructor at gym to help you out.

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