Dubai is considered to be one of the luxurious and beautiful cities in the world. You can find a number of large buildings touching the sky and many other activities that you can perform here. One of the famous activities is desert safari Dubai. This activity includes jeep riding through sand where you can see the camels and lizards.

Later at the evening you stay at campsite where you can enjoy your meal and henna tattoos and entertainment by belly dancers while having dinner. While planning for Dubai desert safari you can consider some of the following listed points:

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Camp type and size: While planning you need to make sure about what type of camp you need to go with as there are many types of camps which have different people strength and as per the strength price and facility differs. Many international tourists are not aware of such points so make sure to communicate with your travel agency about this point.

Confirm whether freelancer or company staff:  Having the company of good safari guide can make your journey. Before you step towards your trip make sure to ask the company whether your desert safari will be conducted by one of their staff members or you will be getting freelance guide. Make sure to confirm about it as getting guidance of freelance can make your experience worst.

Drive type: You can prefer among two types of drives, that is, dune bashing and wildlife safari. If you are fit enough and not having company of any elder or family members and you love thrilling sports and you like motorsport then you can prefer going for dune bashing drive. The adventure of this drive mainly lasts for 10 to 30 minutes and weak hearted persons are not allowed to go for such drives.

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