How Hourly Home Care Can Help

When an older relative needs live-in assistance, often a family member will feel obligated to step in. After all, it seems like a surefire cost-saver, as well as one last chance to reconnect with the loved one. While this scenario certainly works for many families, it’s important to consider the challenges of stepping to provide an alternative to professional live-in assistance for your parent or loved one.

Feeling Drained

Perpetual exhaustion is the number one complaint of individuals providing live-in assistance to an older or infirm relative. Between actual tasks you need to perform and the related worries, real rest is difficult.

Older people tend to need less sleep than their younger caregivers. If dementia is an issue, she may wander around the house, or even out of the home. All in all, the caregiver ends up forgoing sleep, or, at best, experiencing interrupted sleep cycles.

Consider using a supplemental service, such as flexible hourly home care. That way, you can get more rest while your professional caregiver is taking your loved one to her appointments, or perhaps staying overnight.

Feeling Concerned

Lack of professional training can also come into play for the family caregiver when it comes to knowing if certain behaviors are a cause for concern, or how to anticipate worsening symptoms — and what to do about them.

Of course, regular appointments with members of the patient’s medical team can do much to let you know what to expect in the coming weeks and months — as well as what might constitute an immediate problem. If you have a regular professional hourly home care provider to supplement your efforts, that professional’s advice can also be invaluable.

Feeling Constrained

Moving back home can make even grown men and women feel somewhat constrained, in terms of their own privacy and freedom. It helps to make sure that both you and the patient have your own zones of privacy. Unless severe dementia is an issue, talking frankly with one another about what you each need in terms of privacy, is also a smart move.

Perhaps a difficult family history with your loved one, or a degenerating mental state, makes these discussions impossible. If so, using an hourly home care provider so that you can leave the house, or even have the house to yourself, is a smart way to give yourself some breathing room.

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