Buying a collector or custom vehicle is definitely not a task to take on lightly. It requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. With the best car pre purchase inspection Seattle has to offer, you can be confident in your purchase and enjoy your new vehicle without worrying that you made an unwise investment.

Any number of things could be wrong with a classic or custom vehicle that you want to buy. Everything from mechanical trouble to cosmetic issues can make or break a deal for you. A pre purchase car inspection can uncover any costly issues with a vehicle that you would rather avoid. It can also help you determine if the price of the vehicle is on par with its actual value.

Another reason to get an inspection is if you live too far away from the vehicle’s location. It costs a lot of money to travel to inspect a car. You may have to take time off of work, buy airfare, stay in hotels, rent a car, eat in restaurants. . .You get the picture. It makes much more financial sense to have a trusted inspector carefully examine any vehicle that you want to buy.

If you are not confident in your abilities to inspect a vehicle thoroughly yourself, you should also definitely get an appraisal. Understanding how to look for past accident damage, faulty repairs, mechanical trouble, and cosmetic issues is critical to inspecting a vehicle in the right way. You want to avoid situations where there may be more to fix on the car than you’re willing to spend, such as transmission trouble or oil leaks.

Each of our appraisers has extensive experience working in the field of automobiles. They have restored, bought, sold, or repaired many vehicles and know more than a thing or two about specialty vehicles. They are also trained in the best practices of how to conduct a thorough appraisal.

Our appraisers utilize an extensive database of comparable sales to help them determine the final appraised value of a vehicle. The value is not just the personal opinion of the appraiser. This number is backed up by dozens of photographs of the condition of the vehicle and detailed notes printed in a complete report on the vehicle.

You receive a hard-bound copy of the report by mail as well as a digital copy of the report. This enables you to have the report at your fingertips in any situation where you will need it.

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