How many of you have heard about the term “burgundy”? Does something hit your mind, which makes you feel happy and relaxed? The Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are not something, which you will often see in today’s weddings.

However, it gives you that classic appearance. Sometimes, the classic traditional dresses are the best way to move ahead. The wine shade for your bridesmaids can give your white wedding dress that contrasts in appeal in its looks.

Perhaps, you can look at pictures, which come with white in between and wine shade around it. That will help you get an idea on the appearance of yourself along with your bridesmaids.

Why consider using the Burgundy shade for your wedding?

If you were a fan of the red color, then you would love the idea of having Burgundy bridesmaid dresses. The tone of your bridesmaids does not matter because the rich wine color does not affect it.

This dark red or dull red shade enables your skin tone to stand out. When compared to the bright red color, which makes your skin tone appear paler. The ideal fabric for this wedding dress would be Taffeta.

That is because it blends with the red wine color. To help with the looks, you need to keep it simple and clean. The sleek look will help your girls to appear elegant and shapely. The style could be the strapless A-line gown, which comes in different lengths.

You can also make use of satin. A chiffon dress that is flowing grandly can help your cause. It gives a natural feel to the dresses. Not to mention, it helps neutralize the wedding dress, which you will be wearing in white.

Choosing between separate and one-piece dress

You will want to choose between a separate and one-piece dress. The bridesmaid dresses come with gowns, which are in one-piece. When you want to choose separates over the gown, and then you are making the right choice.

The weather also needs to be taken into consideration before making your decision. If you were planning to get married during the winter season, then full-length dresses would be ideal. When you are planning to get married during the summer, then strapless and light fabrics would be suitable.

What about the jewelry?

As it is customary to give your women some gifts, you can consider handing them unique jewelry pieces to wear during your wedding. Perhaps, a brooch, earrings, or a necklace can help them appear sleek and chic. You need also to choose the ideal footwear when selecting the bridesmaid dresses. They should be comfortable when wearing them. You will need to understand that they too will be standing for long periods.

You do not want them to feel uncomfortable, and feet are swollen wearing high heeled sandals. Instead, you might consider giving them sandals, which are low heeled.

As you can see, using the Burgundy bridesmaid dresses for your girls can make a smashing combination for your big day. It sets the tone for your wedding day and what better way, then getting married in red.

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