Furniture restoration takes place in a wide range of settings. If you like watching several DIY videos online, you may someday take a look around your property and discover that you need some home restoration projects completed. In many cases, you may think that doing the project yourself is a wise idea, but in the real sense, it may lead to more damage. This is why many experts recommend letting professional restoration carpenters Denver CO handle the task.

Some furniture restoration projects are fairly easy to handle without professional help. Cleaning a waxy build-up on an antique table is a project that looks fairly easy and straightforward. The only way to determine the extent of the work required is when you start the task. What you thought was just a buildup might be causing more harm to the item’s finish thus requiring expert assistance.

Wax Buildup Removal

Before you jump right into furniture refinishing, there are some factors you need to put into consideration. If you’ve successfully gotten rid of the build-up, you may discover that the project requires just a little more effort to complete. In this case, a soft rag and water or mineral spirits will do. However, there are times when the only remedy is furniture refinishing.  This happens when you have a soft surface finish and cleaning it will cause more damage to the wood.

Rather than stripping the finish of the furniture, many handy homeowners would prefer refinishing the furniture by covering the existing finish with paint. No doubt this procedure might work well in some case. However, if the existing finishing does have cracks, it may affect the quality of your refinishing project. Regardless of how hard you refinish, the cracks may eventually show.

If the finish is completely damaged, then you have to look for ways to get it off. If on the other hand, the finish is in good condition, then you can go starting into refinishing the surface.


Now that you’ve removed the wax build-up on the surface, the next step is sanding it down. This will make the refinishing process a lot easier. The coat of paint will stick firmly on the surface furniture. After sanding, get rid of any leftover dust on the surface. Leave it to dry and apply the first coat of paint. Once the task is complete, clean it up.

There are instances when your idea of a simple furniture restoration project may be something that only professional restoration carpenters Denver CO can handle. One such case is when you’re dealing with antique furniture with great value. Any damage caused to the furniture will impact not only the market value but also its aesthetic value.

Some furniture restoration projects are easy to handle on your own without the help of a professional. Regardless of how big or small the furniture restoration project, it’s better to contact expert restoration carpenters Denver CO to handle the task.

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