Denver has built a top electronic music-scene. From underground bass artists shaking the extremely walls of the venues that house them and global dub step acts selling out amphitheaters to DJs bringing life to nightlife, we have it all when it comes to EDM. Here are some of the best Nightclubs or strip clubs in Denver Colorado.

Beta nightclub

Beat is probably the most popular place for electronic music in Colorado. The sound system is famous nationwide, and the club has long been a vital trip stop for big-name and underground debstep, bass and drum, techno, house and other automatic sub genres. The club is spacious and big name, and thanks to its place in LoDo, it is forever packed, no issue who is spinning.

The black box

The black box just started in Capitol Hill, taking over what used to be Quixotes. The black box was amazingly designed for bass music. The bass couch sound system is built for low frequencies, so fans of bass music would not be sad at how their best artists sound.

Cervantes Masterpiece

While they may not be the posh nightlife places some look for at EDM shows, Cervantes masterpiece and the other side, a little venue next to the ballroom, are some of the top locations to view underground electronic acts in Denver. Further, jammy rock and hip-hop, the venues are famous for showcasing underground bass music and wonderful EDM. This place is awesome to rent Denver female strippers to come out to dance for u your friends. Tucked in the center of 5 points, they are also famous for affordable drinks and cost-friendly ticket prices.

The Church

The church is a special club in Denver. With 5 rooms and 2 patios, this converted church can pack different acts on different stages, and the actual stained-glass windows, and religious decorations make the area ridiculously amazing. The Church presents everything from salsa to reggae to techno and trance.


This Rino club is a staple of the LGBTQ Denver community, but you do not have to be a member of that community to enjoy one of the most amazing venues in town. While it mostly hosts domestic DJs, costume-themed, wild parties, Tracks has been famous to bring in globe-class acts as well. This club keeps a steady lineup of domestic DJs on deck and forever brings a big party to capitol Hill.

From techno to hip-hop, from break-dancing to line-dancing, Denver dance floor improves a beat for every person. Plan your evening and begin exploring the top clubs in Denver.

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