When it comes to keeping your commercial roofing in pristine condition, timely maintenance is the name of the game. With regular maintenance of your roof and the surrounding vegetation, you can prevent costly problems, including material damage and water leaks. You will need to commit to a strict maintenance schedule to ensure all tasks are performed well before problems develop. Here are four smart maintenance tips to use in the upkeep of your commercial roofing Dallas.

Acquire a Yearly Inspection

A yearly inspection by a professional allows you to identify and rectify developing problems before complications arise. Your roofing professional will check the flashing, shingles and other materials for signs of wear and tear or damage that could compromise their function. Your roofer may also need to seal up areas that show signs of wear that could result in water leaks in the near future. Upon completing the inspection process, your roofing professional will discuss the findings with you to help you create a surefire plan of action.

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Trim Back Trees and Vegetation

Trees and vegetation growing near your roofing materials can cause serious problems over time. The growing vegetation can push the roofing materials out of place or even damage their surface, resulting in their eventual failure. Furthermore, during wind storms, the risk of branches breaking off and hitting your roof increases as the trees and vegetation grow taller. Trim them back to create a divide between the vegetation and your roof to protect your commercial roofing Dallas for years to come.

Clean Away Debris Each Season

With every season comes leaves, flower petals and other debris flying through the air and landing on your roofing materials. You can keep those elements from rotting and damaging your roof by cleaning the shingles off every season. If you are handy with a power washer, set it on low and clean off the roof from end to end. You can also leave this task to the professionals to avoid causing damage to your roofing materials by setting the pressure too high or spraying the wrong areas.

Apply Moss Killer Every Year

After cleaning off your roof at the end of the summer season, you should apply a moss killer product to the surface to keep this devastating plant from growing during the moist fall months. The moss killer works over time to prevent moss from establishing their roots between your shingles and along the gutter. Make sure to sprinkle it over the surface of your roof in an even layer to fully prevent the growth of moss year-round.

Contact Us for Professional Care for Your Commercial Roofing Dallas

If you are ready to acquire professional care for your commercial roofing Dallas, contact the team at Premiere Roofing. We will help you assess the condition of your roof, perform maintenance tasks and complete any repairs needed to maintain the protective characteristics of your roofing materials.


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