When your vehicle stops working properly, who do you turn to? Many car owners head straight for their local neighborhood mechanic. Others rely on big chain automotive service centers to diagnose and repair their malfunctioning cars. But did you know that Chrysler dealerships in Indiana can complete repairs and perform routine maintenance? Here are several reasons why you should trust your car to the technicians in your dealership’s service center.

Your Repairs May Cost Less

If you purchased your vehicle from one of the Chrysler dealerships in Indiana, the service center will have access to all of your information. That includes service records and applicable warranties. Service center employees will automatically apply any discounts to the cost of your visit.

Private mechanics may not even accept warranty payments for their work. If they do, you will be required to provide the proof and complete the necessary paperwork. Using a dealership for car and truck repairs saves you time and money.

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Your Vehicle is in Expert Hands

Dealership technicians are specially trained to work on the makes and models featured in the lot. Their education makes it possible for them to quickly spot the source of any problems. Their practical experience gives them the wisdom catch potential issues before they become big. Your vehicle will be out of commission for less time. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that any work completed at the service center will not violate the terms of any active warranties.

Avoid Surprise Charges

Independent mechanics and corporate shops are famous for their nickel-and-dime tactics. By the time all the fees, surcharges, and extra costs are added up, you can end up spending way more than the original quote.

Dealership service centers exist to service the cars bought from the lot. Their financial survival does not depend on broken cars. That means they don’t need to pad your bill with hidden charges to increase profits. Labor, supplies, and equipment are all included and clearly defined. Your bill will be simple and easy to understand. If you have any questions, the service center representatives are always happy to answer.

Get Customized Suggestions to Increase or Maintain Performance

Chrysler dealerships in Indiana keep track of all the services it provides. If you take your vehicle back to the dealership for routine maintenance, the technicians will have a comprehensive record of your car’s condition. They will be able to suggest preventative services to prolong the life of your vehicle based on the way you use your car. For those looking to increase the performance of their vehicle, the technicians will be able to suggest parts to help you achieve your goals.

The next time you need an oil change or a new tire, consider taking your vehicle to your dealership’s service center. It will decrease frustration and increase the overall value of your car.


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